Adam Siegel's Sketchbooks Issue No. 4

March 2017: Spring Forward

Palimpsest Series

The Palimpsest series is a sustained exploration of the beauty and truth that is abundant in our natural world. The series reveals the simple and innate elegance of nature by magnifying historical observations and renderings within a contemporary context.

wolf.  5'5" x 8'

wolf. 5'5" x 8'

zeus.  5'8" x 4'6"

zeus. 5'8" x 4'6"

duke.  5'7" x  4'8"

duke. 5'7" x  4'8"

monkey.  7'4" x 4'9"

monkey. 7'4" x 4'9"

lobster.  4'8" x 4'10"

lobster. 4'8" x 4'10"

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A small collection of inspiring moments captured through my lenses.

Last year I had the great pleasure and honor of incorporating the Palimpsest series into an unique dining experience that paired my art with the culinary genius of Alinea chef Grant Achatz.  The experience of The Progression [ a pop-up in Fulton Market ] that Grant created was about breaking boundaries in terms of texture, palette, and color.  My art is also about breaking boundaries. I created 24 unique works, including two large murals and a series titled Circular Moments.

I'm very pleased to be featured in the newly released 2017 Arts Guide, by Chicago Gallery News, which highlights the incredible art being produced this year in Chicago. This city is a cultural inspiration and I'm privileged to call it my home!